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It is only magic until you learn the trick

Before there was The Hospitality Formula Network, or even my original blog on serving, there was draft of what would become Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips.  I was determined to make this book more than a “Serving For Rookies” version of a generic training manual.  The contents of the book and of this website are intended to pick up where most training manuals end and teach advanced server skills.  The first full paragraph in the book explains it in this way:

“This book is NOT a training manual. Due to the fact that you picked up this book, it is assumed you know how to wait tables. This book will not teach you how to wait tables. This book will not teach you how to carry three glasses in one hand. It will not teach you how to declare your tips or tell you what kind of shirt to wear. This is a book for servers. The information that follows is advice, insight, and techniques to help you earn more and be a better server.”

This website is designed to be a companion piece to the book.  You can think of the book as the 52 essential blog posts.  Everything posted on this blog is intended to supplement the basic framework as laid out in the book.  If combined, the book and the blog would exceed 500 pages and gather dust on bookshelves.  The book is designed to convey the most important server skills with the blog serving as a supplement to provide additional detail.  Recently, I have discovered that a large portion of that supplemental information has been neglected on this blog.

Judging from my search engine queries, some people want to see a post on how to carry three (or four) glasses in one hand.  In talking with newer servers, I am surprised how many don’t know how to carry four plates on their arm.  These are server skills that I use every day, but have never really thought about writing on.  Based on the feedback I have received, I have decided to unveil some of the secrets behind these tricks. 

In the following weeks, Tips For Improving Your Tips will feature posts on:

How to carry three glasses in one hand

How to carry four plates on one arm

How to fold a basic “stand up” napkin

How to fold the silverware “pouch”

How to pour a beer with one hand

How to make a better Arnold Palmer

How to make a mean Cherry Limeade

And a few others

I hope this information is useful to servers throughout the industry.  Credit should also be given to my friend the Crazy Waiter for inspiration.  He recently started a list of the 100 skills an expert server should know.  While his list is strongly influenced by working in Europe, I think most of the skills are equally necessary in the states as well.  Check out his list for more ideas of skills you can acquire and keep an eye on this site in the coming weeks for posts teaching you the secrets behind these server skills.

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