Your guests are becoming more eco friendly than ever before.  Organic, sustainable, free range, cruelty free, locally grown, and a variety of other catch phrases that were unheard of when I started waiting tables are now common place.  Most all of these are easy enough terms to understand because they are relatable.  We understand grazing land animals and crops growing in a field because we have seen them.  With fish, the concepts are a little more foreign.  In the past I have discussed these methods as they related to salmon and crabs.  Today, I wanted to discuss these methods in greater detail.

It is becoming increasingly common for guests to ask how their wild seafood is caught.  I am the de facto fish expert in my restaurant and am called upon at least once a week to explain to a guest how their fish was caught.  Guests that are environmentally conscious want to know that the fish they are eating was caught using methods that are sustainable and avoid by-catch.  With this post, I hope to explain these methods so you too can be the de facto fish expert in your restaurants.

There are two factors that are important to consider in sustainable fishing:

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