Not quite as effective as the cute puppies in the humane society ads.

My friend Marcy has been telling me for years that I need a dog.  She thinks it would be good for me to have a pet for companionship.  I have always avoided getting one based on the fact that my schedule prevents me from being home frequently enough to let it outside.  I can see the benefit of having a pet, I just don’t think that a dog is the right pet for me.  I personally think I am more of a lobster guy.  While lobsters may not be the most common pets, I find them absolutely fascinating.  Of course a chilled salt-water tank is a bit more of a financial commitment than a food and water bowl, so I remain without a pet lobster.  As a prelude to my purchase of “Rock” (I have already named him), I wanted to share with you some reasons why lobsters are way cooler than most animals.

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