It’s “Shark Week” from all indications. The time when a certain television network rolls out a weeks worth of shark related shows that everyone feels the need to watch and discuss over dinner at my restaurant.  Personally I would love to see the same principle used on “National Debt Week” or “Health Insurance Reform Week” or “We Are Still Fighting Two Wars Week.”  But I digress.  I guess sharks are more interesting.  Which is why this post is on foil sharks rather than foil preexisting conditions.

My post on the foil swan received a great deal of comments from people I have met that read the blog.  It is by no means the only foil animal I have done over the years.  Swans are pretty easy to make though.  I intended to make it a recurring feature of the blog.  Then my roommate used the last of the foil for cooking or something completely unimportant like that.  Well, a new roll has been procured and today I give you the foil shark.

Step One: The foil needs to be significantly longer than the food you are wrapping.  Width is less important, but you do need to be able to wrap it securely around.

Step One

Step Two: Wrap the foil around the food while trying to maintain a tubular shape.

Step Two

Step Three: Fold the excess foil over leaving plenty beyond the food itself.  Ideally the ends should recover approximately 2/3rds of the food portion.

Step Three

Step Four: On one end, slice the foil down the center approx 1” to create your pectoral fins.

Step Four

Step Five: On the side you used for your pectoral (bottom) fins, form the head of your shark.  Do this gently to avoid crushing the shark.

Step Five

Step Six: With the other side, form you dorsal (top) fin with the loose end.

Step Six

Step Seven: Once the dorsal fin is in place, pinch the end to create the space between the body and the tail.

Step Seven

Step Eight: Shape rear foil into a tail and you have made a shark.   I am so darn proud of you.

Step Eight

I am by no means the most creative guy in the world.  That means that I am sure you could make an even better shark.  If you do, send me a picture and I will use my very limited powers to attempt to make you famous (or anonymous, it’s up to you).  Also, expect to see some more foil critters gracing the digital pages of this blog soon.

My Foil Army Will Take Over The World

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