If you are taking the time to read this blog, a word of introduction may be in order. I took my first job waiting tables in 1995. In the years since I have worked for 13 different ????! restaurant companies selling nearly every type of food in nearly every type of setting. I have been trained by people with decades of experience and have trained hundreds of servers. I would never claim to be the greatest server in the world, but I have learned some tricks, tips, and techniques that allow me wholesale jerseys to make a comfortable living as a server. I am starting this blog with the hopes of sharing my knowledge to allow cheap nfl jerseys more people to do the same.

Waiting tables is a proud occupation. It is not easy, but done well it can be incredibly rewarding. Guests come into your restaurants to celebrate everything from a 50th anniversary to simply (or miraculously) having a night away from the kids. You have the opportunity to share in these celebrations and make them even more special. Every guest you wait on presents you the opportunity to have a direct impact on his or her day. Whether or not you take advantage of the ability to improve their day (2014) directly effects how much they improve your income.

Many of the things I have learned over the years come from the thousands of great servers I have worked with. Just as I have learned from them, I hope you take the advice I share with you here and apply it with your guests. My goal in w4l3XzY3 writing this is for you to make more money. I want every person putting in 40 hours a week waiting tables to be able to support themselves and their family. I know the economy is tough, but that is why we must all step up our game. Improving your skills, knowledge, and techniques will more than make up for declining guest counts. It is tough out there; this is the information to make you tougher too.

This is not a training manual. This is the information that picks up where your training manual left off.

Most importantly, I feel this is cheap jerseys information that will help people if they cheap jerseys read it. Take some time to tell your friends about this blog. Post it on your facebook. Send it in an email. 102 This is information that can help people, but only if we can get it to them. This is the first step in a dream I have had for a while. If this blog is helpful to you, please pass it along. In return, feel free to drop me a line with your questions, tips, or thoughts. I am not some person sitting in an office at Corporate HQ. I am a server checking the clock to see how much more time he has before he has to go open the dinner shift. I will reply to your emails and they may become the inspiration for future posts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Now let’s go make some money.

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